TM-ZE260 Tadano Loader Crane

Tadano’s truck loader cranes are designed for ease of use along with mobility and safety. We call this type of crane ‘Cargo Crane’.


The TM-ZE260 features the “Hook-In” system to further enhance work effciency.
A pull of a lever and the crane hook is stowed automatically. No more manual belaying.

Stronger and lighter boom

Tadano’s unique pentagonal boom is made of high-tensile steel and the section of boom has a structure of bended one piece steel plate for lighter boom weight and powerful lifting capability.

Three-point support system

Tadano’s Equalizer Crane Support protects the truck frame from stress. The crane is mounted to the truck chassis with the Equalizer Crane Support that evenly distributes the load to prevent excessive stress concentration at any one point.

Full circle, continuous slewing

The newly designed compact slewing post improves performance providing FULL CIRCLE, continuous rotation for more efficient operations.
AUTOMATIC SLEWING LOCK: The boom is mechanically locked at the slewing post base which prevents boom rotation during traveling.


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