Inside Uganda’s mining sector

Geologically Uganda has a wide variety of high and lower value minerals, including gold, limestone, uranium, stone, sand, and rare earth elements spread across the country. As a consequence, the mining sector has the potential to contribute to wealth, employment and stability in Uganda.

Mining in Uganda is carried out by a combination of officially registered mining companies (both local and international) and artisanal and smallscale miners. The Karamoja region holds limestone, marble and gold, which has led tens of thousands of Ugandans to flock to mostly unlicensed, artisanal mines in search of a living. The Uganda government has been promoting private investment in Karamoja’s mining sector as a means to stimulate development and improve security in a region that has suffered for decades from conflict, insecurity and under development and that remains one of the most marginalised parts of the country. Currently under review, the legal and policy framework regulating the mining sector in Uganda is out-of-date and poorly implemented. It does not provide an adequate and conducive set of rules and guidelines to ensure mining activities take into account the impact they will have on communities and on the issues that drive local tensions and conflict.

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