PROGRESS UPDATE: Equipment arrival for Uganda's new districts.

We are excited to share a significant update on the progress of our commitment to supply equipment to the 16 new districts in Uganda through the Ministry of Works and Transport. 

Victoria Equipment is proud to announce that the first batch of machinery has arrived and is currently stationed at our yard, marking a crucial step forward in enhancing infrastructure development across the nation.

As part of the tender awarded to us, each district is set to receive essential equipment to bolster construction and maintenance efforts. This includes the arrival of the Motor Grader GD555-5 and Wheel Loader WA250-6, meticulously chosen to meet the diverse needs of the respective districts. The arrival of this machinery signifies more than just physical assets; it represents a tangible investment in the future of Uganda’s infrastructure.

 With these robust machines, we aim to facilitate smoother road construction, better land leveling, and improved material handling, ultimately contributing to economic growth and societal advancement.

While we celebrate this milestone, we understand that our work is far from over. Our team remains committed to ensuring the timely delivery and efficient deployment of equipment to all 16 districts. We are working closely with the Ministry of Works and Transport to coordinate logistics and streamline the distribution process, prioritizing the needs of each community.

Furthermore, our dedication extends beyond the mere provision of equipment. We are invested in fostering long-term partnerships with local authorities and communities, offering training programs and ongoing support to maximize the utilization and maintenance of the machinery.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Works and Transport for entrusting us with this significant responsibility and to the people of Uganda for their continued support. Together, we look forward to building a stronger, more resilient infrastructure network that will benefit generations to come.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress on this transformative journey.